AMERICAN AGCO trading and Feed Ingredient Staff

Meet Our Commodity Services and Technical Staff

D.J. Johnson
Trading Department Manager
Food By-Products and Dairy Ingredients Trader

If you are looking for a good way to capitalize on food by-products and food seconds, give me a call. I have spent 30 years trading just about any food product you can imagine and I would like to help you save money on your feed cost. If you have the ability to purchase full truckloads of ingredients, which may be off grade, we can save you money. We service many areas of the feed industry including feed mills, dairy farmers, hog operations, mink ranches, and beef feedlots. Give me a call or an email and I will be sure to add you to my weekly HOT LIST. This list contains the feed bargains that we find from the major food companies across the country. You may be surprised at what you might be able to use in your feeds. If you are looking for feed ideas this is a good place to start. I look forward to helping you!

Sean Laschinger
Commodity Merchandiser
Cottonseed and Grain By-Products Trader

If you are looking for full truckload quantities of any bulk commodities and/or Bagged Feed Ingredients give me a call. I have spent the last 25 years trading bulk commodities, specializing in trading cottonseed, grain by-products, and bedding sources, such as sawdust, oat hulls, and rice hulls. We also specialize in forward contracting your commodity needs. By forward contracting your monthly or yearly commodities needs you can take advantage of locking in your feed costs at a profitable level. I service North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska and the Northwest comer of Wisconsin. For commodity prices delivered into these markets give me a call or send me an email. We'll be sure to also add your name to both our weekly price lists, which is sent out via fax or email. Its important to be on top of what the markets are up to. Information and commodity contracting options will make your operation more profitable in the long run. For market information, commodity prices, and excellent customer service, call us today!

John Johnson
Commodity Merchandiser

I serve Wisconsin, Michigan and Illinois with bulk commodities and a full line of bagged products. Trading for over 13 years, I specialize in trading corn gluten, cottonseed, corn distillers, canola, linseed, soybean meal, soy hulls, soy pellets, oat hulls and more. I am here to keep you informed about the market and crucial information, which could save you time and money. If you need just a spot load or looking to contract out for the entire year, give me a call for the latest marketing information and up to the minute pricing. If you are looking for competitive prices and great customer service call me today!

Katie Illi
Office Manager
Direct: 651.268.2105
Fax: 651.268.2121

Melissa Schmidt
Feed Ingredient Product Manager
Direct: 651.234.2337
Fax: 651.234.2332

Holly Ryan
Direct: 651.268.2106

Fax: 651.268.2121

Jessica Bach
Assistant Feed Ingredient Product Manager
Direct: 651.234.2349
Fax: 651.234.2332

American Agco offers a full line of feed ingredients and quality feed products. By off-loading railcars at our South St. Paul facility, we can offer competitive prices on products like Dical, Bicarb, Magox, Dynamate, Dyna K and Min Ad. Please call us for pricing on full pallet quantities - half and full truckloads mix and match. Our distribution warehouse in Cottage Grove can supply your feed product needs, please contact us for a copy of our current price list.

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