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American AGCO Trading provides full truck bulk commodities to the upper Midwest. American Distribution offers less than truck load agriculture commodities to a larger 14 state geographic area. Distribution warehouses are located in Cottage Grove Minnesota and Garland Texas with multiple cross dock facilities to service our customers efficiently. Due to availability and the competitive nature of some agricultural products, not all products are offered at both locations. Contact us for information on which products are offered out of each location.

  1. Do you provide scheduled delivery? Yes. We provide weekly service to our entire 14 state region. Each customer is assigned a specific delivery day. In some markets we can make extra deliveries on an unscheduled basis.
  2. Do you guarantee the delivery day? We attempt to deliver all orders on the scheduled delivery day. Digressions from this system only occur when we have weather problems or when there are an abnormal number of small orders, i.e., 15 deliveries on one truck. When this happens we attempt to call the customer and inform them of the delay. In these rare instances, the product is usually delivered the morning after the scheduled delivery day.
  3. What kind of trucks do you use? We use tractor trailer units for all deliveries. These trucks are equipped with various types of equipment to expedite deliveries. A limited number of trucks are equipped with portable forklifts to use where it benefits the retailer in the daily operation of their business.
  4. How do you handle special delivery requests? Any special requests are entered into our computer. These requests appear on every pick slip printed for your account. Drivers, dispatchers and warehouse personnel review these comments when a your order is processed.


  1. Do you offer volume discounts? In most cases we offer a three-tiered pricing structure. The bigger the order in dollar value, the lower the price on each item.
  2. Do you offer monthly promotions and specials? Yes. Each month we publish promotions.


  1. How do I place an order?

    A. Fax
    B. Phone to inside sales person
    C. Electronically via EDI
    D. Outside sales person
    E. For full truck Bulk & bagged commodities, contact our Trading Desk at 800-836-5672

  2. For less than full truck feed ingredients, call 651-451-1349 or 1-800-737-2426. An automatic attendant will answer. Dial 0 for operator, or (the extension number for the inside sales person assigned to you, or dial extension 390 to get the first available inside sales person .
  3. How soon do I have to have my order in? by 10 AM of the day preceding your delivery day. The earlier the better. There are a flood of orders at the last minute. This can result in errors that normally do not happen if order arrives earlier in the day.
  4. Do you have a minimum? Yes. $500.00.
  5. Can I order less? Yes. Our absolute minimum is $250.00, but at that order level we charge a $50.00 drop charge.
  6. What is your back order fill rate? We attempt to fill at a rate of 94% or better. We are usually successful at reaching this rate on a monthly basis.

American Distribution Return Procedure

* In order to expedite returns quickly and accurately we ask our customers to adhere to the following guidelines:

* Please confirm product is stocked by ADMC prior to shipment. Any non-stocked items returned WILL NOT qualify for credit and will be disposed of.

  1. Contact your ADMC Inside Sales & Service Representative to receive a ''Return Authorization Number'' for all returns PRIOR to returning the product.
  2. They will issue you a ''Return Authorization Number" fax or mail a copy of the ''Return Authorization Form'' to you, and arrange to have the product picked-up on our next delivery:

    * If you receive your shipments from ADMC via any carrier other than American Logistics Services you will need to arrange for shipment of the returned product unless it is being returned due to defects, damage in shipment or mis-shipment. In such cases, return freight will be arranged for you.

  3. Please package any returns in a manner that will prevent any damage during transit.
  4. When your next delivery arrives, the driver will pick-up any pre-approved returns, ask for a signature, and leave a copy of the ''Return Authorization Form'' with you to verify receipt.
  5. Credit will be issued on qualified returns within 72 hours of receipt of product.

Qualifications for Returned Product

  1. Product to be returned must currently be stocked by ADMC.

    a. Non-stocked product from drop-shipments or special orders Will NOT qualify for credit unless ''defective" or ''damaged in shipment''.

  2. Product to be returned for reasons other than "defective" or "damaged" in shipment must be in saleable condition.

    a. Product must be clean, undamaged and free of any markings or price stickers.

        1. Outdated product WILL NOT qualify for credit, with the exception of certain pet food 'product lines. Contact your ADMC Inside Sales & Service Representative for more information.

  3. A pre-authorized ADMC ''Returns Authorization Form'' must accompany any returned product.
  4. You will be responsible for any shipping charges on product returned by any means other than ADMC trucks, unless pre-approved by an ADMC Inside Sales & Service Representative.
  5. A l5% restocking charge will be applied to all qualified returns other than ''defective'' ''damaged in shipment", or ''mis-shipments'' unless pre-approved by an ADMC Inside Sales & Service Representative.

Please Note

Any unauthorized returns will be disposed of at our facilities. They will not be stored or returned.

American Distribution Shortages / Damage Claims

In the event you experience a shortage or damaged product, please report it within 48 hours from the date of delivery. Please do the following prior to contacting us:

  1. Verify that the entire order has been checked in its entirety.
  2. Check to see if another individual has received or sold product from the shipment prior to your verification of the order.
  3. Check to see if you have received any products in place of another.
  4. Please present your invoice number, product code and date of shipment when making any claims.
  5. Please contact your inside sales representative at (651) 451-1349 or (800) 737-2426.

Claims will normally be processed within three working days.